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Top 10 HR Assessments Solution Companies - 2021

Strong talent is always in high demand and in short supply. For any organization, the real challenge lies in attracting, engaging, hiring, and retaining the best-fit talent. Right now, with the hastened digital transformation across diverse sectors, aspects like digital readiness—learnability, agility and curiosity in digital environments—are also coming to the fore. Thus, the question of the hour is how organizations will identify the skills in candidates and employees that will help them to thrive in this digital world!

HR assessment solutions are leaning on leading-edge technologies in that regard to collect vast amounts of data regarding candidates’ and employees’ activities and garner pivotal insights on their performance. With its potential to gather a vast amount of data, big data is the go-to technology for HR professionals on that front. Big data analytics platforms are not only helping HR teams in making strategic and personalized decisions but also in forecasting future actions. Relying on this information, they can predict a diverse range of scenarios, such as which employee is about to leave the organization or which candidate is the best for a particular job.

AI is also driving a paradigm shift in the domain. Touted as the future of HR as a whole, AI in assessment automates all the administrative tasks and reduces hassles for HR decision-makers. For candidates, AI facilitates assessment more intuitively and engagingly.

At this juncture, there is a variety of HR assessments solutions available in the market that cater to the different needs of HR departments. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Manage HR has compiled a list of the top 10 HR assessments solution providers. The enlisted solution providers are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Manage HR’s, “Top 10 HR Assessments Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top HR Assessments Solution Companies

  • AIIR Consulting is a Pennsylvania-based global leadership development consultant that spearheads innovation excellence in this niche, helping organizations lead their leadership-training endeavor. Committed to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders, the company strategically integrates coaching and technology to bring agile leadership development to today’s connected leader. At the core, AIIR Consulting is a customer-first company that has a sole focus on ensuring its clients’ success by finding a better way for them to unlock their leaders’ true potential. Quote: “Our executive assessment leverages quantitative data and combines decades of consulting experience and expertise with AIIR assessment methodology to identify high-potential leaders who can lead organizations through the transformations”


  • Founded in 2006, Bluestone Process Dynamics is on a mission to assist organizations to develop and build leaders as well as design and execute transformation programs that fit the needs and culture of the organization. The company works closely with client leadership teams to better understand their needs, align programs for maximum impact, and deliver results. Bluestone Process Dynamics' consultants and program designers use virtual, in-person, and gamification engagement tactics to keep clients' employees engaged and motivated while delivering impactful results


  • Herman provides organizations with the data they need to select the best person for vacant roles, conduct internal talent audits or develop existing employees with an accuracy similar or better than a trained human practitioner. In addition, Herman helps get companies positioned amongst the top-tier innovators within their respective industries. The company offers an AI/ML-powered online assessment that predicts professional performance through a robust competency model, personality analysis, and a patented biometrics analysis


  • Cangrade


    Cangrade promotes job fit and employment equity so workers and companies thrive. Cangrade’s data-driven approach to hiring is up to 10x more accurate than any other method. Their Pre-Hire Solutions harness the power of AI and their cutting-edge Pre-Hire Assessment to provide instant and unbiased predictions of your next superstar hires. This AI technology then generates targeted Structured Interview Guides and Video Interviews based on candidates’ Pre-Hire Assessment results. For complete control over your Talent Management lifecycle, their Post-Hire Solutions will measure Workforce Engagement, enable remote onboarding and upskilling, and identify the right fit for promotions and team placement.

  • CCI Consulting

    CCI Consulting

    CCI Consulting is a trusted talent management and human resource consulting firm that partners with clients to provide integrated talent solutions that build resilience, readiness, and results. They understand the challenges organizational leaders confront and will continue to face in the future. Since 1988, they have helped translate these challenges into solutions, enabling organizations to build the capacity to compete not only today, but also tomorrow. Their expert consultants deliver effective strategies, solutions, and services across all aspects of the talent continuum. For over 30 years, clients have trusted CCI to help them drive sustainable business results by effectively aligning their people strategies to their current and future business needs.

  • Harver


    Harver is a pre-employment assessment platform for hiring at scale. Hundreds of the most innovative companies use Harver to digitally transform their candidate selection process and hire top talent. With offices in Amsterdam, NY, and London, Harver is disrupting the recruitment industry and providing companies with an intelligent way to evaluateand automate all aspects of candidate selection, while simultaneously fighting unconscious bias in the process. Traditional processes for volume recruiting are manual and subjective. At best, they’re inefficient for employers. At worst, they’re unfair to candidates. Harver automates your recruitment process from apply to hire — free from bias and enjoyable for everyone.

  • HirePayoff


    HirePayoff provides online applicant testing that drives employee engagement and bottom-line profit. With new in-depth research, HirePayoff's online applicant assessment tool can screen candidates for their ability to engage in meeting the organization's strategic goals. Engaged employees stay longer, have higher productivity and customer satisfaction and contribute more to your company's success. They work with their clients to measure new hire performance to ensure they are exceeding employer's expectations. With over 25 years of experience designing and implementing selection and assessment testing in over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies, HirePayoff can help you hire the right people with the right skills and passion for success.

  • iMocha


    iMocha (formerly Interview Mocha) is the world's largest skills assessment solution API platform that helps organizations build winning teams. The platform empowers organizations to thoroughly assess employees as well as candidates, essential to identify and benchmark their skills proficiency according to industry/company standards. iMocha’s product, platform, and custom services are fit for IT services companies (as well as Financial Services, Engineering, Insurance and Healthcare sectors) that have assessments needs for trending, job-based as well as futuristic digital skills.

  • Pinsight


    Pinsight delivers best-in-class virtual leadership solutions that give you the unbiased insights you need to make your most important talent decisions: who you hire, develop, and promote. Their virtual assessment center and development solution equips organizations with the tools they need to make informed and unbiased hiring, development, and succession planning decisions. Pinsight was founded to make high-touch leadership assessments scalable, giving organizations and leaders across the world the opportunity to excel in talent management. Their mission is to bring fairness to leader selection, development, and succession by removing bias and leveling the playing field.

  • The Assessment Company

    The Assessment Company

    The Assessment Company provides assessment solutions to make your HR life easier. Helping their clients find success by making the very human decisions about people, simpler and smarter. The Assessment Company has evolved to meet the needs of our customers — from Pre-Employment, Talent Management, Workforce Development and advanced Behavioral Assessments Solutions. Their online Behavioral Safety Assessments measure factors which lead to human error and incidents on the job and recommend self-coaching and management tips for minimizing the impact of these factors on workplace safety.

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