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Top 10 HR Assessments Solution Companies - 2020

At the turn of the century, candidates applying for a job had to be physically present for their pre-employment assessments. Over the last decade, the advancements in HR technology has enabled individuals to complete their HR assessments on mobile devices in a simple and intuitive manner. On the other hand, the tech-driven augmentation of core HR processes has helped HR departments in transitioning from cumbersome paper-based operations to a more sophisticated and digitalized approach.

Today, as the pandemic is disrupting core organizational processes, HRs are emphasizing on using digital mediums that employ big data analytics and predicting employee behavior and potential candidate performance with ease and safety. At the same time, the HR space is also experiencing a surge in gamified and AR/VR-based assessment programs that collect critical employee information in a highly engaging way. As a result, HRs are able to design personalized training regimes that align with the needs of an individual employee, helping them achieve their professional goals while driving the completion of organizational objectives.

With a comprehensive understanding of these new developments, Manage HR has compiled a list of leading assessment solution providers to guide firms in harnessing the power of emerging technologies to tackle today’s recruitment and employee assessment challenges. The companies showcased in this issue have exhibited extensive knowledge, strategy, and means to delivering services that ensure effective and long-term employee benefits. We hope this edition helps you build partnerships that you and your firm require in order to foster a better working environment.

We present to you, ‘Top 10 HR Assessments Solution Providers – 2020.’

    Top HR Assessments Solution Companies

  • HireIQ is the leading developer of talent acquisition technology for the customer contact market. Contact centers worldwide use HireIQ’s virtual interviewing solution to improve their outcomes: reducing attrition, increasing attendance and exceeding Key Performance Indicator (KPI) thresholds. Their innovative and patent-pending assessment technology steers decision-makers to those candidates who are most likely to succeed


  • HirePayoff provides online applicant assessment and screeningtesting that drives employee performance, engagement, retention and bottom-line profit. With new in-depth research, HirePayoff's online applicant assessment tools can screen candidates for their ability to engage in meeting the organization's strategic goals. The HirePayoff company works with its clients to measure new -hire performance, to ensure they exceed expectations. The company’s assessment tools review all HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with both State and National HR laws


  • Pinsight was founded to make high-touch leadership assessments scalable, giving many more organizations and leaders across the world the opportunity to experience the benefits. Their mission is to bring fairness to leader selection, development, and succession by removing bias and leveling the playing field. The company has an impressive record of developing first-to-market disruptive leadership assessment and leadership development solutions. These combine the latest technology with artificial intelligence and behavioral science to meet the increasingly complex challenges of global corporations


  • The Assessment Company®, a US based firm, offers employee assessment solutions to help businesses effectively identify, hire, coach, and develop an effective workforce, and when necessary ensure behavioral safety requirements are met. Unlike the traditional assessment, where every applicant is subjected to the same assessment questions, the company’s solutions employ adaptive assessment technology. With their employee assessment solution, everyone takes the same assessment; however, each person has their own unique assessment experience. As such, the entire process becomes more relevant, and individuals are never overwhelmed or underwhelmed with irrelevant questions. In essence, coupling highly validated adaptive assessment tools with Occupational DNA®, the company’s solutions help organizations match the best-fit candidates for roles they will have the highest opportunity for success in


  • Cappfinity


    Cappfinity is the world leader in strengths-based assessment, providing award-winning recruitment and development solutions for organizations across the globe. Founded in 2005 by Dr Alex Linley, a leading expert in positive psychology, and Nicky Garcea, occupational psychologist, it brings together strengths expertise, data, innovation and human experience to assess and develop capability, fit and potential. The teams in the UK, US, Australia and Ireland work with more than 150 organizations and over 5 million individuals in service of their shared purpose, strengthening the world

  • CMP


    CMP is a talent and transition firm in the business of developing people and organizations across the full talent life cycle from talent acquisition and leadership development to organization development and outplacement/career transition support. With decades of experience with a contemporary approach to building people and teams, they combine art and science of talent and transition to provide individuals and organizations with a unique competitive advantage

  • Harver


    Harver is a pre-employment assessment platform for hiring at scale. Hundreds of the most innovative companies use Harver to digitally transform their candidate selection process and hire top talent. With offices in Amsterdam, NY, and London, Harver is disrupting the recruitment industry and providing companies with an intelligent way to evaluate and automate all aspects of candidate selection, while simultaneously fighting unconscious bias in the process

  • PSI Services

    PSI Services

    PSI has been providing Assessment and Talent Management solutions to a range of private and public sector organizations. The company have acquired leading technology, content and consulting companies both in the US and internationally, as part of their ambitious growth plans to offer clients the ultimate combination in emerging technologies, world-class content and consulting expertise. They now work with over 2,000 experts in 160 countries and deliver over 15 million tests and assessments per year globally

  • SelectionLink


    SelectionLink’s leaders have a unique blend of talent and experience in helping good organizations become great through selection of the very best people. Their 80 years of combined experience includes positions at well-respected companies, such as IBM/Kenexa and the Gallup Organization. They have a vast number of unique skills, including: talent assessment and development, employee engagement improvement and candidate sourcing

  • Spectrum Assessments

    Spectrum Assessments

    Spectrum Assessments mission is to create the very best assessment tools and human development systems at the very best price for individuals and businesses. They advance in psychometric assessment theory, practical application and education. They are a team of experts and subject matter experts from many different professional backgrounds. They have global business experience which allows them to identify with the challenges their customers face and help find solutions, making a difference in their client’s organization

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