Krista S. Sheets, President, Competitive EdgeKrista S. Sheets, President
Workplaces achieve optimal productivity when practices are truly rooted in employee engagement and satisfaction. Companies pursuing this ideal often consider assessments to refine their operations, but struggle to find and implement the right tools.

This was the case with a tech startup experiencing issues with their employees’ well-being, retention, and productivity levels. They were unsure about the causes of the problems and were fumbling to address them.

Competitive Edge, Inc. came to their aid with behavioral, motivator, and adaptability assessments, which provided the insights to uncover the source of their workplace stress: the startup’s founder had an innate drive for change and creative exploration, leading her to shift directions and explore new ideas faster than the team could keep up.

Bringing awareness to this dynamic, Competitive Edge helped the founder mediate her natural style and communicate more effectively, adjusting her pace and focus to align with the employees’ capacities. Instead of constantly playing catch up, the team was now working together for success.

“Our assessment solutions unmask a wide range of organizational challenges, including retention, burnout, interpersonal conflicts, role definition, and employee turnover,” says Krista S. Sheets, president of Competitive Edge.

Founded over 40 years ago, Competitive Edge has built a reputation as the foremost provider of cutting-edge training and assessment tools. Among the first companies to introduce computerized assessments, Competitive Edge empowers organizations to understand their people using a shared vocabulary of insights to unlock their workforce’s potential action and achieve, ROPTM, a measurable ROI in their people.

Consulting services are also available for organizations that may not have the in-house capacity or expertise to implement assessments.
Competitive Edge stands apart by prioritizing grounded scientific research as the foundation of its solutions. Partnering with TTI Success Insights, Multi-Health Systems (MHS), and AQai, Competitive Edge uses pioneering research to curate the most effective assessments, specializing in four primary models—DISC, motivators, emotional intelligence, and adaptability intelligence. These models generate a spectrum of practical insights for clients to drive meaningful organizational change.

Its Train-the-Trainer program is ideal for organizations with a sizeable employee base. It equips HR directors, L&D professionals, and instructors with the skills to knowledgably integrate the assessments into organizational operations, fostering sustainable growth and development.

Most of its customers come from referrals, which makes for a swift onboarding process. While most programs are delivered virtually, Competitive Edge also offers on-site training for companies that prefer a more personalized approach. These programs go beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on practical interpretation and application of assessment data. Clients are thereby equipped to make informed, data-backed decisions using assessments aligned to their unique needs.

Our assessment solutions address a wide range of organizational challenges, including retention, burnout, interpersonal conflicts, role definition, and employee turnover

A notable example is its collaboration with a U.S government agency that had requested help to implement a leadership program for a large number of employees. It enrolled one of its instructors in the Train-the-Trainer programs for behavioral, motivators and emotional intelligence models. The skills learned enabled the client to understand its employees, adjust leadership styles, and respond effectively.

Impressed with the results, the agency put 35 more people through the same training, creating a powerful task force. While Competitive Edge provided ongoing guidance, the task force delivered dozens of leadership development programs, positively impacting thousands of employees.

Expert curation of assessments, coupled with a dedication to scientific validation, ensures that organizations receive unparalleled capabilities to deliver employee satisfaction. Competitive Edge equips its clients for success with tools and skills to transform workplaces into productive, stress-free environments.